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My dad gave our 2 month old English bulldog puppy a taste of strawberry Popsicle today. This is true happiness.

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That’s what Hall of Famer Jerry West said after watching Kobe Bryant workout with Laker legend Michael Cooper.  West’s scouting report was simple:

"Best workout I’ve ever seen. He’s better than anybody we have on the team right now. Let’s go."

From West’s memoir:  "When I said I had seen enough, I meant it. I knew who he was, and just from looking at his eyes, I knew what he wanted."

Larry Bird once called 5x champion, Michael Cooper, the best defender he ever faced.  Cooper’s assessment of Bryant after their head-to-head battle?

"Shit, this guy can play."



let’s make the greatest comeback of all time


Twinkle LA. Photos & Gif By David Hanjani


What’s in a name?

‘Godzilla’ Promotional Shoot

Elizabeth Olsen…


Oh, the kiss wasn’t scripted, I didn’t know I was going to do it. I just thought, ‘I just missed my girlfriend’s valedictorian speech. How am I going to make it up to her?’ Then I was thinking, ‘I’m graduating. I don’t really give a fuck about this place, and fuck all of the people. So I’m going to go in and have fun. And embarrass her!’ - Andrew Garfield

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There’s a giant Monopoly game board in Discovery Meadow.

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"It is estimated that only around 10 percent of the population of the United States is able to see the night sky in its natural, unpolluted state. No wonder visitors to Joshua Tree National Park are awed and astounded when they get their first glimpse of the night sky." -National Park Service

Get away from all the light pollution in the city and head out to Joshua Tree to truly see what a clear night sky has to offer. Bring a star chart!

Joshua Tree National Park |

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